An easy test to know if you’re addicted to anything is to stop for a week and notice how you feel. During that time did you think about the addiction much? Were you able to stop in the first place?

Many people rationalize their addictions by claiming they aren’t very serious or the activity or substance is legal. Rationalizing that the government wouldn’t allow lethal substances in the market, so you must do your own research to determine what is and isn’t going to harm your mental or physical health.

The government is full of contradictions and hypocrisy. Consider the difference in how many people harm themselves using alcohol over marijuana. Consider the ingredients between street grade heroin and Marlboro cigarettes. Somehow people believe the government is really looking out for them and they fail to do their own research about what they should partake in and assume that if something isn’t illegal than it couldn’t be so bad.

It is a mistake to think of any government as your surrogate parent. Do your own thinking, research and question the institutions you perceive as authorities. They aren’t looking out for anyone’s interests, they are trying to get paid and otherwise make money favoring various industries to get paid by industries that sell the addictive substances. If you aren’t looking for health and longevity in some of the things you are involved in then you can at least educate yourself to the short and long-term effects of your environment and consumption.

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