After admitting you’re powerless to the drug you might need anti-depressants since how else does it feel to be powerless?  Depressing much? My main problem with the 12 step process is the constant reminder the 12 Step society constantly reminds people with addictions they are and always will be addicts. Beyond that, the addict is constantly reminded that if they resist the ‘process’ in anyway it is their addiction talking and couldn’t be some thoughtful skepticism.

The basis for being inaugurated into a 12 Step group is that you are powerless and if you resist any point being made by the group it must be your addiction talking which stops any argument against the process before the argument even starts. It is like any baseless cult to shut down any resistance by using the power of numbers to be just short of shouting down any individual question that would raise opposition to the coveted 12 step process.

In short, what you are you doing is giving up one dependency for another. The problem is you are giving up a substance that you can hold and consume for a concept of a higher power. If this trick is the only way recovery works I suppose I can understand why the recidivism rate is so high. Besides saving money, giving up something for a belief would be difficult for people who have low enough standards of belief to get addicted in the first place.

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