It is obvious to say that we all have a different purpose in life. There are layers to this concept of life’s purpose. We have different phases of life where different environments and people will influence and encourage us. The things we think are our purpose will most certainly change and if they don’t is that something to be suspicious of or something to admire?

Finding out what you truly desire is crucial to living a fulfilled life. The problem is two fold: can you position yourself to be in relationships that are constantly supportive and are you going to stay the same long enough to realize only one purpose?

Let’s get into your environment and the people that consist of your environment. I mentioned being supportive and I think most people suppose that means the people in your life should encourage you to persist without question. I only agree with this if it is also mixed in with discussions that cause you to think critically about what you are doing and why you’re doing it. This is not a one time conversation or engagement but a constant check-in to keep the conversation alive while you go through the usual struggles anyone has with working on anything that is or becomes valuable.

Understanding the source and motivation to feel purpose in the first place help to instill conviction for the project in the first place. We’re faced with the burden of our upbringing, and the impact of that burden is completely individual. Being able to maintain nurturing relationships will help stay focused and on task when doubt arises and failure happens.

If you are fortunate enough to keep those close and intimate relationships you will probably be in the position to feel free to express your doubts and admit the failures. People that have the most stable relationships will surely have a better outcome with the support of the closest people in their lives. It is difficult to imagine having a good chance at success if there wasn’t any level of certainty in your relationships with friends, family and your romantic partner.

Self-esteem is an important aspect to getting started but what keeps the wheels turning in any endeavor is the support system we cultivate throughout our lives. It helps to have a well rounded team to help us with advise, with distractions and helping hands every once and awhile.

I think what it comes down to is we might have a purpose and it might change at different times in our life depending on who is there and what has caught your attention. The people that surround you will make the transitions easier and memorable depending on your ability to remain in gratitude and humility.

The question for you is this: How do you identify where you’re focus goes and what you truly desire in life? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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